Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy

It is worthy of note that every video poker game - when played thoughtfully - can be rather profitable. It is even more correct when you use strategy in your play. We are glad to offer you Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy. When you will play 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker, it will be sufficient to follow the definite number of recommendations, and your expected return will reach 100.07%. If we take into account 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker, the expected vale in this game will be 98.98%.

Take notice of several notions used in the strategy:

  • High Card means Jack, Queen, King or Ace;
  • Straight Flush draw (type 1) means open-ended straight flush draw, in which the number of high cards equals or exceeds number of gaps;
  • Straight Flush draw (type 2) means open-ended straight flush draw, with one gap, or two gaps with one high card, any ace-low, or 234 suited;
  • Straight Flush draw (type 3) means straight flush draw with two gaps and no high cards.

double double bonus poker
Note: If you are eager to get the profit follow all the recommendations even if you consider another move to be more appropriate in a definite situation.



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